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2017-07-05 10:31:12 by victoryartist030
Updated this star system.  I personally do not like it.  I'm surprised at first by the 2.5 stars out of 5 stars on my My Little Pony piece and I used to sell fan art.  That was the most popular one people would buy and I think the star system is crap.  If I wanted an opinion by participating in popularity contests, I would request it.  I looked for an option, but it looks like I don't have an option to take the rating system off.

I mean online, everyone is a random stranger until you get to know them long enough.  I have people in my inner circle that I trust will help, and dumb me the other day, asked the opinions online of people if my art was bad.  Most of them were rude enough to drive me away.  I learned to not listen to somebody you don't trust or know.

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Hi.  I'm new here and I have fan art on here to dump while I have my original artwork somewhere else.  I also am new to voice acting and such, mostly for a hobby (but wouldn't mind a couple of bucks.) Anyways here are my sites:

I know I'm not really that good at drawing or painting, but I always appreciate people who purchase my work.  So, God bless ya!  Thanks for dropping by.

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